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How to Be Original School Uniform

School Uniforms

  1. Find great about the rules that has your institution when it comes to uniforms. There are some schools that are more severe with regard to this issue than others. It would be a good idea to read the chapter on uniform coexistence manual or code of your school, so you know what you can do and what not.
  2. Set a style to customize your uniform. You want to look sexier? There are many options once you have chosen the one you like and with whom you feel most comfortable can start modifying the clothes.
  3. Try a different look using hooks (captive) clothing of various colors. There are thousands of ways to add to your clothes!. If you’re a girl you can put a few in your lap, mixing. You can also use them in slacks (boys and girls) either decorative way or to make the shorts (in which case you should fold the pants inward to the desired height and place the hook-captive inside the fold).
  4. Use pins and buttons. The pins and buttons also look great as long as you use them with discretion and not look too exaggeratedly putting. They are better than those of large size small. Try to match the colors of the uniform, but if you want you can try something more colorful, depends on how you feel better.
  5. Play with your clothing size. The size of your clothes greatly influences the way they look. If you are looking for a sexy look, you can wear a blouse or a little tighter than normal shirt, but you can overdo it because achieving the opposite effect. The length of the skirt depends on your taste (and established by your school), but also is not recommended to use it very short because you could not only get you into trouble, but you will also be uncomfortable to sit and crouch.
  6. Choose a belt. The belts also look good, is they are not very big and they go with your personality. You must choose those who will sing with your uniform.
  7. Bend for accessories. In stores and other places selling accessories are a huge range of options for you. You can use bracelets of various colors, woven bracelets, necklaces of different lengths, jewelry and a thousand other things, just think that these accessories to express your personality and not that of others (you can let your friends join you and advise but not They force you to buy something you do not want).
  8. If you’re a girl you can create many styles with different accessories like headbands, belts, and combs rubbers. In short, the options are endless. If you feel out of ideas you can browse some of your favorite magazines, go to your hairdresser or find pictures on the Internet, you will find a hairstyle that you like and with whom you feel comfortable.
  9. If you’re a guy you can experiment with different styles, everything depends on the length of your hair. Do not use too much gel. If your hair is straight or curly, long or moderately long should I brush every day to avoid tangling? If it is straight or curly short is not necessary to comb every day, but from time to time.
  10. Paint your nails. You can also paint your nails to create a unique and original touch. Lately shorter than take long, because they look better and allow you to manipulate objects more easily. Any color looks good, it all depends on your taste, what we should care is that once the enamel paint should start to fall again. If you do not like to wear nail polish, it is always good to have short and clean. Try not to eat them.
  11. Look at your shoes. Depending on your style and comfort, you can opt for a more formal sports shoes or boots, suede. The important thing is to go with the style you are creating.
  12. Note everything you wear to school to see the original. Another great idea to customize your school uniform is carefully choose your backpack or bag, notebooks and other school supplies. Choose the ones you like and adorn as you want.
  13. For example, to display your backpack most original can hang key rings, chains or other things you can think of, you can also paint her designs with fabric paints. Your notebooks, bag and books can be customized using stickers, markers, pencils or what you think it look original, try many different things, you’ll see that the result will be amazing.

School Uniform - Dial Uniforms

Advice for School Uniforms

  • If you like the idea of ​​folding your pants or sleeves, decorate your clothes with hooks (captive), pins or other flashy accessories, first make sure it is allowed in your institution, if so, forward !. Otherwise it is better to look for other ways to customize your school uniform, do not be discouraged!
  • Try to avoid overloading your look with too many accessories or makeup (if you’re a girl).
  • You can make your own accessories or buy in small shops, this will make your style is more authentic and difficult to imitate.
  • Try not to copy other styles, it is assumed that the goal is not to look like everyone else, so if you do not help. Impose your own tastes and preferences.
  • If you want to dye your hair a color extravagant first consult the manual for your school. There are some schools that prohibit dyed hair “unnatural” colors (fuchsia, blue, strong red, green …)
  • If you’re a guy and you want to wear long hair, before consulting the manual for your school.
  • Be careful if you use scissors to modify the length of your skirts or pants! While it may be, you could also ruin your clothes and get you in serious trouble at home or school.
  • Here are only a few ideas are presented, adapt your style to your look and see that the possibilities are endless

How to Choose a School Uniform

The average per school year a child spends in school uniform of about 250 days. Therefore, it must necessarily be comfortable, natural, high-quality and well-sewn. Find the perfect option meets all these criteria – a rather difficult task. Our buyer’s guide will help you understand important nuances and choose the best school uniforms.

On that first of all you should pay attention to parents choosing the form for your child?

First we need to understand what elements may consist school uniforms for boys and girls.

For a boy it can be a jacket / jacket, pants, shirt / T-shirt, golf / Raglan, vest and tie / butterfly. For a girl it could be a dress, sundress, blazer / jacket, skirt, blouse, vest, pants, golf / raglan shirt / T-shirt.

Shcool Uniforms

Note that all of the above – rough set, as each school has its own rules for the appearance of the pupil. Therefore, before purchasing school uniforms, consult with your child’s teacher to do extra shopping.

Cloth of School Uniform

Synthetic materials are harmful to children’s health: non-natural fiber violate breathable fabric which is why the skin does not “breathe”, the child may sweat, hypothermia and cold.

According to state standards adopted by the presence of synthetic materials in school uniform should be as follows: blouses and shirts – no more than 30-35%, the costumes – not more than 55%.

If we talk about the lining, it must be made entirely from natural and / or man-made fibers.

An important caveat: if possible shirts, shirts and blouses should acquire the most natural. This is important, because in them the child will be a whole day, and they are in direct contact with children’s skin.

Size of School Uniform

Do not buy school uniforms for the child to grow into, or “butt”. The student is too large clothes will be inconvenient to move actively, and too small, narrow form can lead to health problems: abdominal pain, respiratory failure, overheating.

In order to properly determine the size you need to measure height, bust and waist circumference of the child. It is these parameters are specified on a special label of the product.

Before you buy be sure to try on the form to see whether it is convenient to her child. Back in the dressing room, ask to sit in the new thing, and dotting bend the arms, because most of the time in these clothes, he would sit at his desk.

Of course, it is necessary to consider that during the year the child will grow, so do not choose too narrow and close-fitting things. Well, if a part of the fabric is spandex, thanks to which style will not hamper movement.

Outward Appearance

Stylish clothes baby develops taste and confidence. Therefore, school uniform should look presentable and be qualitatively sewn.

However, there is another important aspect: the school uniform – a business card of the child, so it should be like in the mirror. That is why parents should not buy clothes, focusing only on your taste, be sure to ask the child’s views about the model.

The belief that it looks good is necessary for each student, because even first-graders notice what and how classmates dressed.

Some schools (especially in big cities) replaced the official uniform clothing business style. To fry it a jacket, trousers, light shirt, vest and, if necessary, tie / butterfly. For girls, it could be a combination of jacket and skirt also can be set to supplement sun-dress, jacket and trousers.

Color of School Uniform

The main colors of uniforms:

  • Black; • dark green; • dark blue; • Grey; • burgundy.

Online shopping store offer kits of all these colors, “diluting” plain clothes model in a cage. School psychologists argue that the green and blue activate mental abilities of the child, claret – helps develop discipline and self-confidence, and the clothes of gray tones has a calming effect.

Of course, school uniforms quality of fabric can cost more than their cheaper counterparts, but there is not worth saving, because this kit will look good throughout the school year.

We hope that these tips will help you to choose for your student a comfortable, high-quality and safe health uniforms that will last him the whole school year.

Hotel Uniform for Staff

Opinion of the hotel is formed with customers from many components. The first is the quality of services and meals, the style of the interior, as well as the training and professionalism of the staff.

Staff is important style elements of the hotel. Appearance of staff demeanor, ability to deal with different customers – all of which should be at the highest level and in accordance with the corporate identity of the hotel.

Hotel Uniform - Dial Uniforms

When planning a trip, people usually pick a hotel on the cost of living and the photos of the interior, which in absentia form the image of the hotel. Visit her personal clients are judged largely by staff from the moment of arrival. Perfect training of staff to their work – a significant advantage, but this is not enough. Everything in the hotel needs to be stylish, and the staff is no exception. Uniform should combine and fashion and style, and the overall concept of the hotel at the same time.

Stylish and beautiful uniform for hotel staff is represent friendly attitude to visitors in hotel establishments create a special atmosphere attracts visitors and allow them to relax.

Staff hotel uniform must be chosen wisely, as correctly selected and the appropriate corporate style hotel clothing helps to maintain a positive image and strengthen already established the reputation of the hotel. The quality of materials for sewing uniforms, cut and design of this type of clothing, indicate the level of the hotel.

Depending on the work done by the staff, selected and types of uniforms. Thus, uniform depend on working job in hotel for administrative staff (reception, headwaiters, managers, etc.) and other staff like maids, porters, cleaners, guards, laborers. This garment is comfortable, so it does not burden during the execution of duties, and custom-made fits perfectly into the overall style of the hotel.

Administrators, managers, headwaiters hotel is an entity of the hotel, as is their responsibility to ensure a high quality of service, compliance with all accepted standards of hospitality and creating a good mood among the visitors and guests. But at the same time, administrative personnel have to communicate with clients and to resolve various conflicts, so the maitre d ‘or manager must command respect and trust. Clothing, in this case plays a psychological role. The basic uniform for the administrative staff of the hotel is an elegant business suit, elements of which are determined depending on the overall style of the hotel.

Moreover, in a comfortable, beautiful and high-quality cross-linked uniformed hotel staff, without a doubt, it will feel more confident in the work, and to their official duties relate directly to the positive attitude and enthusiasm.

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School Uniform - Dial Uniforms
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